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BEAT is a Bioinformatics Exon Array Tool for the analysis of GeneChip Human Exon 1.0 ST Array.

BEAT offers useful analysis tools requiring no programming knowledge, and it shows the results with easily interpretable and interactive tables and graphics. The analysis workflow provides rigorous statistical methods performed on exon array data, and the results are stored in a data warehouse to ensure the optimization of the data retrieval process.

The introduction of meta statistics offers a novel means of exploring results through a set of metrics that summarize gene and exon level expression statistics. AS events can be studied by comparing normal to pathological tissues and by performing a multivariate analysis on available medical record information, allowing biologists and clinicians to investigate changes in splicing patterns from a wider point of view.

The architecture chosen for the development of BEAT allows the improving of the platform with additional features and with a minimum programming effort.


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